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by Jahanvi Singh

Have you ever wanted to live the expensive-looking life with all the fascinating things?

Have you ever gawked at a graceful and enigmatic lady mesmerised by her class?

Have you ever ventured into a hotel or somebody's house and was just blown away by the decor and wished to incorporate some of it into your life?

To tell you the truth, so have I.

Since a very young age I have been very excited by the idea of elegant dresses, sophisticated looks, chandeliers, boutique hotel-like decor, and to be a prime example of elegance and beauty in my community.

Honestly speaking the journey has been time-consuming, and enlightening. I have had a closet full of trendy and exciting clothes to once having a closet full of classic and boring staples and now having found a balance between having a wardrobe that is not only classy and elegant but also relevant in today's life.

My decor style too has changed from a full-blown Boho DIY to an all things bought only Glamorous style.

I had finances all over the place and now I am handling the finances and taxes of my business and family.

Also, this journey is not as expensive as it is perceived from the outside. Surprisingly, all it takes is consistency and lots of smart planning.

Subscribe to my blog and get ready to experience a metamorphosis.

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