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Different footwear for different occasions

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" - Marilyn Monroe

Shoes are one of the most prized commodities a woman owns. A good pair of footwear can last you for ages and ages.

Often I have seen people wear slippers outside of their houses. It can be a personal choice, and I am not against this common phenomena, but when you have an opportunity to look sophisticated and elegant all the time, then why not take that choice.

Footwear at home

A home is where we relax, it is our sanctuary, and we can do as we please. But don't you want to look good at home as well.

I used to think that I don't care about looks and appearances, but that was not the case when I looked at someone wearing a pretty dress or wearing a nice pair of shoes.

The best footwear that you can wear at home is the ones with open sole such as a flat mule. Mules can elevate your look to make you look and feel much more expensive.

Shoes with closed sole can become a hindrance to your housework routine as you might have to take them on and off again and again.

It is a great streetwear shoe as well, where you can hop out of the house to run a quick errand.

Footwear for office

Oxfords and Brogues nowadays come for a woman as well. I find them extremely helpful and stylish, as well. You have to take care of what to wear in offices.

If you opt to wear trousers or palazzos at an office, then you can wear them with either oxford or brogues, but with a skirt or a dress, you must always wear heels.

Smaller heels like kittens or even block or square heels can make you look stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Cuban heels are also gaining a lot of popularity these days, and they also come in oxford and brogue shoes.

Be wary of wearing high stiletto in the office environment because it shoes unprofessional attitude unless your job requires you to wear them.

Also, open-toe shoes or heels are not for your formal office wear, but you can try them only in summers. It is complicated to pull off an open pump in formal wear.

Footwear at a party

What kind of footwear you wear at a party is dependant on your outfit. You can wear high heels, short heels and no heels on the casualness of the party you are attending, but the best tip to look sophisticated is to pair the right shoe with the right outfit.

For example, if I were to wear a short dress or shorts, I would pair them with high knee boots. The rule is to balance out your whole outfit.

For longer length dresses or trousers, any kind of heels look good, but those with pointed toes are especially uplifting to the overall look.

Footwear for the streets

We run errands, meet our friends at a cafe, casually stroll through the streets. There is plenty of street footwear to choose from, but recently there has been a surge in the use of white sneakers, and it has become synonymous with street footwear.

I associate these shoes with men, and I am not being sexist here or trying to establish some rules for not wearing sneakers.

There are a ton of different shoes for the streets like the gladiator shoes, the Chelsea boots or any ankle-length boots. It depends on your outfit, but these are a great option.

If you want to keep it comfortable, you can opt for Mary Janes or ballerinas.

You must also own a pair of rain boots and a good pair of sports shoes, but always remember that a sports shoe is not for regular wear and same is the case with flip flops.

I hope this article will help you to choose shoes better and help you elevate your look.

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