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Expensive House: Entryway Edition

We all have spent hours drooling over beautiful houses. From the time we enter the garden area to the time we are exiting, nothing can leave our eyes.

In this blog edition I will walk you step by step on how you can change your house into an expensive looking house without breaking the bank.

This blog will focus specifically on your entryway because first impressions last.


This goes without saying that the outside area of your house should always be well-light so that it looks very inviting and warm, and not like a haunted house.

Also remember that warmer lights or natural coloured lights are more inviting that cooler lights.


The garden of the house is as important as any other part of the house. There are several ways to make a garden look expensive.

You can get an arbor constructed in the pathway with creeper plants climbing up the arbor.

Green wall is a very cheap method which can uplift the look of your garden and also give you a great backdrop for your photo sessions.

Add garden lights for that perfect mood setting.


The decoration can be according to your style but definitely add a bunch of big accent pieces to your entryway to avoid clutter and make it beautiful.

Lanterns can be a good way to add warmth to the entryway, so definitely include them in your decoration.

In the next blog we will talk about the living room. So subscribe to this blog for more such content.

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