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How to budget your wardrobe- Part 2

If you haven't read my previous blog on How to budget your wardrobe-Part 1, please read it because a lot of information I am going to share here is in direct correlation with that blog.

In this blog, we are going to talk about various accessories, footwear and makeup using the same five principles.

By now you must have already read about the five steps which are

1) Finding out your time-table

2) Determining your style

3) Budget Allocation

4) Seasonal Analysis

5) Finding your clothes

Now using the same five steps, we will budget the rest of our wardrobe.


Using the above steps from the first blog of the same series, we can figure out what kind of jewellery should we be investing our money in. Taking my example, I spend half of my time at home, while the rest half is spent at the office. At home, I generally don't wear any jewellery but, at my office, I can wear light jewellery. Similarly, if you spend most of your time at the office, or if your household requires you to wear jewellery, then you can invest your money in light jewellery pieces which make it easy to work. If you spend most of your time in college or you are in school, then you will need to buy small studs, and at the maximum, you can purchase light chains. If you spend most of the time partying you should invest your money accordingly.

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Based on the above steps, we can also downsize the number of shoes in our closet and allocate proper budget when we go out shopping. So based on my example, I spend most of my time at home; thus, my footwear should comprise mostly of home footwear. The rest of my budget should include shoes which I can wear at my office. For more info on what kind of footwear to wear on different occasions check out my blog on

Different footwear for different occasions.


Makeup can make or break your look, but you don't need to wear a full face of makeup everyday. For example, I wear eyebrow colour and lip colour even when I am at home. If I have some guests over, or at an office, I add a little eyeshadow and also foundation a lightweight foundation. At a party, I generally wear a full face of make up Thus I own plenty of lipsticks and eyebrow pencils because I use them so regularly. I have all the makeup present, but I don't buy multiple pieces of the product I don't use daily as a foundation. We don't need to have every new eyeshadow palette or every test every new foundation when it's launched. The general rule in makeup is to repeat what you know looks best on you and work your way up from there. I hope now, with the help of this blog; you will be able to assign a proper budget when buying for your wardrobe.

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