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How to look classy at home- Homewear, Loungewear

In recent times, the home wear clothes and loungewear have reduced to wearing pyjamas, loose t-shirts, and sweatshirts. I agree that they are readily available and incredibly comfortable. But, today we are going to talk about something more than comfort. We are going to talk about class and elegance.

Have you ever had to run to change your clothes when someone important is coming to your house? Don't worry, after this post; you will know precisely how to be presentable at home at all times.


Jumpsuits are a straightforward way to look classy and elegant at home. You will need to look for colours that complement you.

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They can be expensive, but they are also one-piece, so you will need to invest in a single piece of garment. Jumpsuits come in a lot of variety; you need to pick up the ones which are not as formal or party wear.

A few examples are below.

You can see from the above images that we can classify these jumpsuits as casual home-wear clothes. They generally have a very neutral tone colour palette. They are also super comfortable and will look classy to wear at home.


Dresses are a great way to look feminine and classy. Similarly, like in jumpsuits, you would need to look for colours that are more suited to you. You will need to look for dresses that are flowing and not tightly-fitted.

A few examples are.

You need to look for comfortable dresses which make you look feminine. Avoid wearing baggy dresses which are not flattering to your body type.


This section is for all my Indian ladies. Suit salwar is a piece of garment worn in a lot of Indian households by women of all ages. Salwar suit is in itself a feminine piece of clothing, so here you would have to keep in mind the texture and the print of your outfit.

Simple cotton suits are comfortable to wear, but as stated before you need to look for elegance as well.

Given below are a few examples of suits.

I hope this blog will help you look elegant and sophisticated at home.

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