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10 ways to look expensive on a budget

Updated: May 3, 2020

Do not go broke trying to look rich

Do you want to look like a million dollars without spending a fortune?

Some simple tricks up your sleeve and you won't have to think twice before getting ready anymore.

This blog will help all the ladies who want to look more expensive without going broke.

Personal Grooming

It is an art to keep your body clean and maintained.

We might think that no one will notice our chapped nails, but we are wrong.

You can achieve well-manicured nails at home without going to the salon.

Healthy, well-nourished hair without split ends and dryness can make us look more expensive.

Soft and supple lips are women's best friend, so keep a lip balm with you at all times.

Also, every time you step out of the house always have your clothes well-laundered and ironed, even if you are wearing a cheap polyester dress ironing it will make it look like new.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential to make you look expensive.

Eating clean and healthy can work wonders for your skin which will give you a natural, healthy glow and also help you to look younger, which will be an added bonus.

You must always include vegetables in your diet. A good mixture of proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates can help you achieve your goal.

Drinking plenty of water will flush out the toxins and keep your skin soft and supple.

Makeup and Hair

A little can take you far away.

The first thing people will notice about you will be your face so if you have a haircut that flatters your face; it can make you look much more put together.

Also, a little makeup will take your look to the different levels.

Even if you are not in the mood for a full face of makeup, only doing your eyebrows and lips can change your game.


If you know which colours suit you and which don’t it will help you pick out clothes faster.

It will also help you to shop for the dresses which look good on you every time you go on a shopping spree.

Basic knowledge of your undertone, shade, and contrast of your skin can help you figure out your colours..


Monochrome head to toe looks is something which is all rage nowadays.

Neutral colours like Beige, Black, White, Camel can make you look really expensive, but once in a while, a pop of colour in the head to toe look can really boost your confidence because all those eyes are going to be on you.

Hats and Scarves

A hat or a scarf can make you look more tasteful, elegant and expensive.

It shows that you have tremendous respect for yourselves and that you have taken the time to look like the way you do.

You will also notice a change in the behaviour of people because it is very rare nowadays for people to wear hats, so definitely invest in a hat.

Silk scarves are also some of the staples that you should own. It doesn't need to be pure silk which is very expensive but some silk blends can also work.


Little accessories like a watch, a well-structured purse, gloves can lift a simple dress in a good way.

Jewellery like bracelets, rings and a pair of studs are also some of the items you may include in your collection. You only need to wear a few of the accessories mentioned.


Shoes are what a person notices the first on you.

Worn out footwear won’t do you any favours but might drag down all the effort you have put together on getting ready.

Rubber Slippers are for the bathroom only so let us keep them there. There are tons of variety of footwear for different occasions.

So check out the blog below on Different Shoes for Different Occasions because there are more things to wear than just white sneakers.


You might have noticed that celebrities look good in everything they wear and no, it is not because they are wearing expensive clothes, but because they are wearing clothes tailored for their body measurements.

So, ladies, the next thing all of us need to do is make the tailor our best friend and get all our clothes tailored for us.

Define your style

To have a dressing style is one of the game-changing tips of all. We only dress when we have to go out but that doesn’t define our style.

Our style gets defined by what we wear most of the time. If you dress up even at your home, when you dress up in light summer dresses instead of an old t-shirt and pyjamas, then people may start to recognize it with your style.

One of the Bonus tips

Confidence is the jewellery of a woman. No matter what you are wearing you must always carry yourself with confidence. If you are wearing a stunning nightgown but you don’t feel confident in it, it will drag down your whole look

So I hope the next time you step out of your home you will feel much more expensive in whatever you wear.

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