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True Feminine Energy

The past few years have seen a surge in the talk about the feminist movement, from talking about feminine rights to various protests. We have seen it all or have we? According to Wikipedia, the Feminine traits include gentleness, empathy, sensitivity and humility. My country has been the land of worshipping goddesses. Naturally, the feminine traits we know are more than the above four mentioned. Some of which are patience, perseverance, selflessness, strength, fearlessness. We don't associate females with the above traits, woman have always been thought of as being weak, in need of protection, But have you seen the love of a female for her family and loved ones. A woman can sometimes become more dangerous than a man when any danger is lurking in her family. While saying all of the above, we have also seen women are compelled to compete with men. Phrases like 'Act like a man' and 'Don't cry like a lady' have become somewhat of a norm. The women of the present times are changing their natural behaviour into becoming something they are not. Being a "bro" doesn't make you cool, but in the opposite, it is validating that men are far more superior than women. Feminine as a term has broadly been reduced to being like a Disney princess. Although I have nothing against this perception, I think a woman and womanly characteristics are so much more than needing a prince to save you every time.

A woman is called out to become tough. Many popular career choices require us to make hard decisions, have a do or die attitude; aggression is what is needed. Do you think that a woman needs to change her behaviour into something that she is not? Remaining calm, and collected in adverse situations has been and will always be one of the most sought out qualities in a woman. To save a woman from being harassed and being called out for her womanly behaviour should be every woman's duty. A woman who is elegant, calm, and poised has fought all odds to save her sanctity and is fighting that battle every day. Instead of shaming her try to uplift her. That is what feminine energy is about, to nurture and protect.

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