What is always present in my handbag and should be in yours too

Updated: May 3, 2020

A handbag completes a woman's outfit. No woman should step out of her house without a handbag. Your purse must contain all the essential items needed to get you through the day.

The size of your bag should depend on the following questions.

  • Where are you going?

  • How long will you stay there?

  • Is it a formal, casual or party setting?

Below are some of the items always present in my handbag and must always be present in yours too.


If you are carrying your purse, you should have a place to keep your cash and cards in your purse. You must not keep them in some chain of your bag but in a small and sleek wallet. It will make it more accessible for you to find out your cash and cards in your bag.

Makeup kit

I am not talking about a whole big box of makeup kit in your bag. It must be a small pouch which can help you get through the day and help you touch up your makeup.

A typical makeup kit must contain the following items.

  • Comb or a brush

  • Eyebrow pencil

  • Two lipstick colours- one nude and one bright

  • Lipliner

  • Powder with an applicator

  • Mist

  • Small perfume or deodorant or an antiperspirant

  • Face mist

  • Sunscreen

Keeping these things in mind can help you get through the longest of day possible.

Jewellery pouch

Adding jewellery in this recommendation might seem weird to most of you, but most of the woman has a habit of wearing jewellery which is pretty reasonable. Apart from this habit, we have a practice of removing our jewellery pieces as and when the day progresses. If we are wearing a lot of rings or a heavy earring, we are more likely to open them when we feel. This activity is done so absent-mindedly that we lose the jewellery pieces more frequently, especially if they are artificial pieces. Thus, a place for your jewellery piece will help you to find them easily later on.

Umbrella and Sunglasses

Both sunglasses and umbrella are one of the essential items that should be present in your handbag. You must always keep an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses in your purse. Just so that you don't forget to carry one each just for your handbag and never remove them from your bag. Whenever you are stepping out of your house, always wear sunglasses as it can help you combat ageing and fine lines.


Keep a scarf in your handbag. You might never know when you may need your scarf. Also in the day time, you must cover your head with a scarf or a cap. The more elegant option is a scarf. It can also protect you from pollution.

Handkerchief and Sanitizer

Handkerchief and Sanitizer are the two commodities which should always be present in your handbag. You will never know when you get stuck in a situation, where the necessary hand-washing facility is not available.

I hope this post helps you to decide what to keep and what not to keep in your hand-bag.

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