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What is Femininity and Masculinity?

Femininity and Masculinity are just an energy, an essence of character present in both males and females alike. Feminine energy is all about being receptive, passive, intuitive and about the inward.

Whereas, masculine energy is all about being projective, reactive, giving and the outward. Both these energies are present in both a male and female. What matters is which energy do you allow to become dominant at any given time.

For the proper balance in nature both these energies are supposed to be in sync

with each other. An individual will tap into their masculine energy whenever in danger, or when they needs to protect somebody or something.

When a person is allowed to fully bloom in their feminine energy, they will be nurturing, tender, kind and caring.

It is very true when an individual has an intuition about something and it becomes true. This is because femininity is all about feelings and emotions. Her radiance, her creativeness and her ease is what will make her truly herself.

All of this will only happen when they will be allowed to flow, without any danger to her because that is when the masculine will take over and the feminine will be locked into a deep dungeon forever scarred.

When an individual is naturally masculine they will be confident, responsible, focussed and supportive. They always find logic in things and will always find discipline more attractive rather than chaos. Just like the feminine is the flow, masculine is the direction.

Both masculine and feminine are a trait. You abuse either one of them and the other becomes dominant to fill in the space of the other.

When these energies are wounded, they will take on a toxic form.

The feminine will become powerless, needy, and weak.

They will be overly sensitive and emotional. They will put an excessively physical, emotional and psychological reliance on the people close to them.

Now this is toxic.

On the other hand, the masculine will become dominant, aggressive and controlling. They will abuse his power. Become confrontational, criticise and be really competitive. Remember this is not a healthy competition. They will become unsupportive and unstable.

So now you know when you see this toxic behaviour they are in the need of help. Any individual exhibiting this behaviour is in need of help. Also this behaviour is irrespective of gender.

The Feminist movement is in itself a movement to help the women grow, to give her opportunities and to help her bloom. This is because the society today has become largely masculine. Too much masculinity and the weak will be suppressed, the system will be rigid and disciplined without any area for chaos.

But, you also need to see that a feminine society has its own shortcomings. It will have chaos, a very flexible system, and any form of discipline will be criticised.

We all need is a balance of both masculine and feminine, in our mind, our body, our lives and our societies. That will be true equality.

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